SS-71, U.S.S. O-10

The SS-71, U.S.S. O-10 submarine was launched by Fore River Shipbuilding Company on 21 February 1918, commissioned on 17 August, under Lieutenant Sherwood Picking, and assigned to Philadelphia, where she operated on east coast patrols for the rest of World War I. She was a part of the group of twenty boats sent to Europe in November, but recalled after the Armistice on 11 … [Read more...]

SS-69, U.S.S. O-8C

Launched 31 December 1917, at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company, Quincy, MA, and commissioned on 11 July 1918, SS-69, U.S.S O-8 submarine operated out of Philadelphia on east coast patrols during World War I. A part of the group that departed for Europe on 2 November 1918, she was also called back when the Armistice was signed. Following the same interwar course as her … [Read more...]

SS-68, U.S.S. O-7

O-7 was launched on 16 December 1917, at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company, and commissioned on 4 July 1918, with Lieutenant Commander F.C. Sherman as her first commanding officer. She patrolled the east coast of the United States during the final months of World War I, departing for Europe as part of a twenty-boat group on 2 November 1918. The entire group was called back … [Read more...]

SS-67, U.S.S. O-6

Launched 25 November 1917 at Fore River Shipbuilding, O-6 was commissioned on 12 June 1918. She operated out of Philadelphia during the rest of World War I and, with O-4, was shelled in error by a British freighter on 14 July 1918, sustaining no serious damage. Detailed to Europe at the beginning of November 1918 as part of a large contingent, she returned to the United States … [Read more...]

SS-65, U.S.S. O-4

O-4 was launched at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company, Quincy, MA, on 20 October 1917, and commissioned on 29 May 1918, under the command of then Lieutenant Robert H. English. She operated out of Philadelphia during World War I, patrolling the Atlantic coast. On 28 July 1918, O-4 suffered minor damage after after being shelled by a British steamer, which had mistaken her … [Read more...]